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Heroic ‘Valiant’ Soars again on HDnet Movies kidScene

Valiant.jpgThe title character in this Disney animated film is a small woodland pigeon who yearns to do noble duty in the war effort and join the Royal Homing Pigeon Service. KIDS FIRST! youth film critic Makai Weber Colvin (age 10) give the film five out of five stars “because it’s just so great for everyone,” and adds an enthusiastic “And I’ll bet you’ll love it, too.” Valiant is voiced by Ewan MacGregor, part of a stellar cast – it might be fun to try to match the voices of Ricky Gervais, Tim Curry, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie and John Cleese to their avian characters. The 2005 film was nominated in 2006 for the Young Artist Award’s Best Family Feature Film – Animation. One of many classics brought to your home by HDnet Movies kidScene, a morning and Friday night programming block specifically for kids and families, Valiant screens on Fri., Jan. 20 and Sun., Jan. 29.

Reviewed by Makai Weber Colvin
(See her full review on video.)

I’m reviewing the movie Valiant, a Disney film. This movie is about a small, little bird that lives in a small, little town. But he wants to become a messenger bird. A messenger bird is a bird that carries important messages to people across the country. So, if a person was in the army, a messenger bird would go send the letter to the army and then they would send the letter back to the army back at home.

But the evil hawks are trying to stop that, and they have to fix it. They need new messenger birds, so they decide to train them. Valiant wants to be a messenger bird so badly that he goes to try out to be one. Nobody thinks he can be a messenger bird, because he’s so little. But Valiant is much bigger than he appears to be. MakaiColvin_180x250.jpg

This movie is a really good movie to watch with the whole family. The animation in this movie is very detailed. And I loved the picture of Valiant because he has colors right below his neck. They were pink and blue, and they were very cool to see.

I give this movie five out of five stars because it’s just so great for everyone. And I’ll bet you’ll love it, too.

Photos: Valiant poster (top), Makai Weber Colvin (bottom)

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